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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Piazzola Tango

I finally got in some proper Tango on my last night here. They apparently have some huge espectacular espectactular all singing all dancing tourty shows for example 'Senor Tango'! I did some research and found this place, relatively authentic,

Named after the famous tango composer and in a beautiful old theatre, it had a 7 piece band with strings, piano and 3 guys on those squeeze box things, then about 4 sets of dancers and a male and female vocalist. Talk about intimate, there were actually only 15 people in the audience - i counted them, so including the orchestra there were more people on stage - just for us! I felt like a bit of an idiot at first as i was on my own and there was about 45 mins of just sitting there before the show, most of the people were finishing off dinners they had had there. I realised what a great travelling companion a book is when i didnt have one to hide behind and peer over!.

Anyway the show was great, im surprised those guys dont get the occasional stiletto in the nads with all those between the legs kicks though! the girls looked great - the guys could have done with a tad less brill creme and lost the moustaches but perhaps that was part of the period look!

And bonus was a chatty English speaking taxi driver home who ive booked to take me to the airport in...lets see one hour!! yikes....

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