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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oh What a Circus

Its pretty hard to avoid Evita here, particularly as apparently the anniversary of her death was just a few days ago. This is all fine by me as Ive been quietly singing Evita songs to myself the whole time ive been here in anycase!. My mother took me to see the show, probably in the early 80's with Marti Webb or Elaine Paige in the lead. I loved every minute of it. It was always my favourite of old scrunchy faced Lloyd Webbers shows. Apparently my mum actually looked like a young Eva in the 50's and she remembered her coming to Europe on the rainbow tour. Then theres the whole bizzarre story of how her embalmed body was stolen and hidden in a cemetary in Europe for 17years and how shes worshiped as a saint by some and despised by others.

So heres THAT dress..

and this is THAT balcony (hard not to do the appropriate Evita dont cry for me Argentina hand actions from it!). The Casa Rosada in general was very grand.


Fiona said...

I wonder how many people have tried to sing it from THAT balcony? Elaine Paige hmm ooh lucky lucky you.

Jon-Bear said...

ooh now I didnt even think of singing from it too, lol. Actually i didnt really do the hand actions either just imagined them, but i did see someone else do them when i was outside looking up..

''he supports us..loves us..is one of us...if not...how could he love me'"

Nat said...

Glad you are tuned to radio Evita to. Every time I tell anyone you are in Buenos Aires, I find myself going..."he's in HELL-OAH Buenos Aires".
Then they look at me funnily. This is probably why we are friends.

Jon-Bear said...

Yes this probably is why we are friends!. Ive been going Stand Back, Buenos Aires...just a little piece of just a little piece of of star quality everytime i walk out the door :)


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