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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Colonia Del Sacramento, Uruguay

Its pretty cool being able to nip to another country in one day. Colonia is just 55mins from Buenos Aires by express catamaran to the other side of Rio De la Plata. While Bs As is hidden from the water for the main part by ugly train tracks and docks, Colonia is surrounded by the water. It has UNESCO heritage status being an early Portuguese settlement dating back to the 17th Century. It was very reminicent of Antigua, Guatemala with low buildings, courtyards, squares and cobbled streets. A nice breath of fresh air from the city, very sleepy and quiet.


I got befriended by two cute poochies, I named them 'Los Puppitos'. They clearly have a great time showing people round and getting pats and cuddles. I was astonished when they followed me from where i met them trotting along by me, then sitting down for a sleep when i did, they even waited outside a museum for me for half and hour, snoozing on the front porch, then jumping up to greet me when i came out and trotting on again, I want pets!, unfortunately I always feel uncertain as to when i might pack things up and head off someplace, this trip being a perfect example.

And so here is todays slideshow. If your tired of doors and windows please navigate away from this page!

Oh I almost forgot to mention todays lunchspot - El Drugstore,an eclectic little place, with the owner crooning away on the guitar and Frida Kahlo an Pierre et Giles artwork on the walls. I had Bife Chorizo, tradidional steak dish. Couldnt leave the area without having a steak although was a bit too much of a meat fest for me,

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