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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

La Boca - Birthplace of Tango

Another masterful use of the bus system, this time pondering on Argentinas dubious post war policy of harbouring ex Nazis, as I sat opposite and distinctly Aryan looking old man and the name Mengele sprang to mind. (sorry old man I'm sure you're actually someones kindly grandpa and had nothing to do with experiments!).

Anywho..So La Boca is pretty much the wrong side of the tracks by night but by day a colourful and vibrant barrio and supposedly where Tango first started - in the slums and bordellos in the ghetto. They have capitolised on the tourist trade a little. Its difficult not to be coerced into an overpriced cafe with a 'free tango show', but at the end of the day it is a great spot and I had been hanging out to see some tango action up close so I didnt mind. I even had the obligatory staged tango shot!

For a photographer with a fetish for windows, doors, bold colours and textures this was my idea of heaven, even if its all been taken a million times before me. And wander a few streets away from the main drag and you get that faded backstreet feel.

Turn on the you tube for background accoustics and check out the slideshow.


Heather said...

Amazing pictures (as usual) Jon! I love all the brightly colored buildings. You should take a quick tango lesson while you're there!

Jon-Bear said...

thanks Heather xx


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