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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cafe Society

Theres nothing quite like hanging out in a cafe when your traveling, esp when its cold and rainy outside. People watching, having great cofees, catching up on your book, pigging out. Can't be beaten. Ive discovered some nice places here, for example El Ateneo - how can you beat a theatre converted into a bookshop with a cafe on the stage, books AND coffee takes some beating!

The people seem quite stylish here.. (imagine Carrie Bradshaw voice)..what makes a people stylish? why Buenos Aires but not Brisbane or Birmingham? What has to happen for a touch of class to settle in... answers to these and more questions later..

This was an old style 'Salon de The' it was lovely sitting there finishing off my book and soaking up the atmosphere. I had a limon y soda, literally a glass of lemon juice and a soda syphon old style. I rediscovered limonada yesterday after remembering mum and dad introducing me to Citron Prese in Europe - gives you that lemon face but is very refreshing!

Todays lunch spot had fraustrating service - you wait till my blog is famous Cafe Terratoria!, but nonetheless had a lovley sunny sunday neighbourhood afternoon feel to it.


Fiona said...

What book were you reading? You could take pictures of your book next to famous places... hehe.

Does the bookshop sell English books? It sounds fantastic - oooh wish I could be there. I'm sure I saw a picture of that place actually in one of those 'best bookshops/library' list things? Maybe. Sounds so cool.

Jon-Bear said...

well Jackie has heard of it too. I think it is up there in world famous book stores so im not surprised. Maybe will go back and look for English books instead of just pigging out in the cafe! If im lucky they will be in one of the old boxes!

Nat said...

That place looks like the closest thing to heaven for me. I'm just lucky that I don't live in Buenos Aires otherwise I'd spend ever last peso there!

Heather said...

Oh wow! I'd love to visit El Ateneo. What a cool idea for a cafe/bookstore! The place just seems to glow! lol


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