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Saturday, September 14, 2013

So.. I cant beleive its been nearly a year since my last post.. shameful

Ive been a busy boy with adventures

I decided to recap with one picture from each country I went through in the last 15 months, Ive been very fortunate. All of them fantastic experiences

South Africa April '12:
Lioness and cubs, Garonga Lodge, Makalali reserve

Australia May '12: Kayaking on the Hawksbury River

Singapore: Cocktails at Ku De Ta, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore -  sling with a view

Zambia Jun '12: Leopard cub in the South Luangwa Valley

Malawi: Sailing Dhow on the Lake

Greece: The Monasteries of Meteora

Paris: Montmartre Bistro

Kenya: Elephant River Crossing, Samburu National Park

Vienna:  Christmas Windows

South Africa April 13:  Cellars Hohenort, Constantia

Zambia April 13: Tongabezi breakfast on the Zambezi

Botswana: Sundowner on the Chobe River

Australia May 13: Helicopter over Katherine Gorge

Hamburg: Hafencity by Night

And no I'm all up to date again before Uzbekistan on Friday!

Friday, September 21, 2012

South Luangwa Bush camping

Ok its  high time for another post,

I have been super busy, loading images to two stock photo image banks, in an attempt to have a constructive outlet for some of my stuff. Its been interesting, you definitely have to have a thick skin and I think ill be lucky if the earnings mount up to much more than a meal out after a couple of months, but im a published artist at least!

Going back now to June and my trip to Zambia and Malawi. South Luangwa National park is the home of the walking safari in Africa. What an experience. We went bush camping for 1 night, most people would do 2 or 3. Our guide has been out in the bush for 17 years and one of Africas top guides. She'd kill me if she saw her mug published to the web, but my following is so small I think I can get away with it. This was a really beautiful experience and a new way to see wildlife. Peering at elephants through the long grass, being observed by curious giraffe, and best of all listening to stories of the wild around a camp fire. I dont think I have ever been as alert as when i was laying on my swag in my tent at night listening to the night sounds. I wasnt afraid, I think I almost wanted something exciting to happen, but I might have turned to mush if it really did.

We heard a beautiful story of one night when a monther and baby elephant came through camp and while mother was browsing, baby found a warm spot next to a small girl asleep in her tent, and the baby snuggled up on the other side of the canvas to wait for its mum. Cute!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

HOT Property #1 - Pumulani

For those of us that get sweaty palms at a swankily lush property and a bit of tasteful (or sometimes not so tasteful) design. Heres the first in what will be an on and off series of  posts, sharing some of the spots I have had a chance to check out. Feel free to share your own.

Pumulani is on the shores of Lake Malawi in Southern Africa. I was here last week at the end of a Zambia and Malawi safari trip. Impossibly huge rooms, almost too big, cleverly blending into the forested hills clinging to the Lake shore.

Apart from doing very little, you can do sunset dhow trips, bird walks and village visits amongst other things.

The View from the Loo

My Room - all 95 feet of it

Check it out

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Britain Goes Bunting Crazy

The last in my Jubilee series.. out in the village England in Sussex on the Monday public holiday. Union Jacks and Bunting everywhere, presumably the same across the country.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Queens Diamond Jubilee River Pageant

What a great atmosphere there was in London that weekend. It did get a bit wet on the Sunday as HM took to the river and the poor duke came down with a dicky bladder but quite a show. We are rather good at a bit of pomp in this country. It really shouldnt make sense but I think at least in the current incarnation of the monarchy its worked quite well for us, and even rebuplicans have a respect for the Queen.

The inspiration for the pageant was Canaletto's painting of a Georgian event almost 300 years ago. You can see that the vessel Gloriana in this years event is a wonderful replica of some of the ones here. Gloriana of course a reference to the first Elizabeth.

Our offices overlook the river at Millbank, so we went in for wonderful view, crowd free and a party atmoshpere.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jubilant Riverside Walk - Bunts and Boats

Saturday 2 Jun, the day before the River Pageant, and it was actually sunny! ...briefly.

Lots of happy Londoners getting into the spirit, hoisting bunting and checking out the boats in the Avenue of Sail between London Bridge and Wapping. These were the ones too big to take part in the flottilla. Tower bridge, opened its drawbridges on the Sunday in a Royal Salute, and the Royal Barge moored near St Katherines dock to review the rest of the river borne craft. You may remember, the wonderful rain sodden choir belting out Land of Hope and Glory. This was that bit of the river.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

1901 and dining posh for less

Pleasant Company, Stylish Interiors and meals with a view

To kick off the Diamond Jubilee weekend and as a bit of a pre-birthday celebration outing for myself on Friday night, a few off us went off to the  1901    Restaurant at the Andaz hotel by Liverpool street station (which used to be the Great Eastern Hotel dating from 1884. What a wonderful setting for a refined dinner with friends. The interiors I am imagining date from, well...1901. At least it does appear to be from something early Nouveau with its huge stained glass domed ceiling, reminding you of the Galleries Lafayette in Paris.

 It would be a tad on the pricey side but for one of the wonderful 'Stardeals' from Bookatable. Three courses and 2 glasses of wine for 30 quid.  I did quite a bit of research on how to get something fancy and not get stung for too many extras. Last year i had a meal deal for The Criterion, another place with amazing period interiors (as well as Russian Oligarch diners). That one ended up setting us back 60 quid each when you factored in drinks. So word to the wise...look out for the offers including a couple at least one drink, and go and have a couple of pre-dinner beverages somewhere where mere mortals drink beforehand. 

Pre-Dinner Cocktails at Devonshire Terrace

My lovely friend Cat, over at Catnipping, trotted of the following day on another deal  to the Ivy, a well known celebrity dining spot. Tip number 2 - a lunch deal as opposed to dinner is often another way to mix with the toffs but come out relatively unscathed wallet-wise.

All in all this ended up being very good value for a special meal out. Not everyone was bowled over by their meals, though I was happy with mine, and had a very pleasant evening lording it up for a change

Needless to say I had my camera with me

For lunch for the Jubilee Saturday, I caught up with another friend (could it be the Queen?), for Dim Sum at DimT at the More London Complex

The Views from here are stunning, day or night. Right by Tower Bridge.

The Dim Sum was pretty tasty too, though service slow. I do miss Sydney Yum cha, where the dumplings come past on trolleys for you to pick at till you are full to bursting. The pork buns here though were just as good as Marigolds in Market City, Sydney. My favourite!


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