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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cultural Activities

Its cold and miserable February in London, its just snowed ..which actually does make everyting temporarily a bit less gloomy. To combat the winter inner city blues Ive been taking myself out on a little whirlwind of culutural activities.

Last week, I went on a spontaneous trip to the Lion King on the way home from work. Cheap seat in the very back row but those theatres are designed so well you could still see everything. Felt very pleased with myself and was quite moved as all the marvellous puppety animals paraded on stage to Circle of Life. I think thst was actually the highlight, perhaps that should have done it at the end. The rest was good but didnt quite grab me in the same way. Still was v pleased to have gone.

Last weekend I went with my mum to the new Two Temple Place gallery. In the wonderful extravagent town house of the Astors, they had a William Morris exhibiton. This vibrant wall hanging was the highlight.

This was the exterior of the gallery.

Following this we went off to see Joanna Lumley and Robert Lindsay in the Lion in Winter. Really good. I always loved the Katherine Hepburn film and the script is stunningly clever. Plots and Inrigues, it really keeps you on the edge of your seat. Very witty and acerbic. The Play delivered just as well. Small shades of Patsy Stone in Joanna Lumleys interpretation of Eleanor of Aquitane. The English Queen kept locked up in a tower for many years but let out for Christmas for a battle of wits with her husband Henry II and sons the future King John of Magna Carter fame and Richard the Lionheart. Eleanor was the richest woman in the world at that time. She had previously been Queen of France and went to the crusades.


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