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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Up Up and Away in my Beautiful Balloon

I had a previous opportunity to go ballooning in Luxor but was put off by the early start and cost, plus Symon's fear of heights meant he wouldnt have joined me. This one over Goreme was also an early start mind you and still a bit exey but I decided it was time to tick off this insane form of air-borne transport. What a blast - it was super-cool!. We loved every minute. To top it off there were about 60 other balloons in the sky with us - rather that detracting from the experience it actually added to it, it was totally bonkers and surreal being up in the air with all those other balloons, some up high, some down low, some scooting over or behind rock formations, we dipped down into valleys and climbed up out of them again. After an hour or so of thrills we gently touched down right onto the trailer and got out for champers and biccies. Awesome!


IntrovertedJen said...

I saw ballooning in this area in a travel magazine and thought it looked like the coolest thing ever. Your pictures reinforced that! Glad you went and enjoyed!

Jon-Bear said...

Thanks Jen - it was the best ever! surreal with all those other balloons about


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