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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Roman Stuff

Todays post is brought to you by Jonathius VI, Governor of Jerash. Its been a plethora of collumnii. We took taxis to Jerash this morning, apparently the second largest Roman site after Ephesus in Turkey. It was slightly marred by some large Italian coach parties but once you found a bit to yourselves quite atmospheric. I had to place a self imposed ban on more pics of rows of columns after a while but they were quite impressive. Again, quite easy to conjur up carriages trundling along and performances in the theatre.

We then went to Amman citadel, crowned by more ruins and a museum containing a couple of the dead sea scrolls. As well as the days mind meltdown - brain couldnt compute with these statues being 9000 years old.

Retracing steps back to Petra, we made a stop at a crusader fort yesterday and then a crazy time at the dead sea - floating in 90% salty sea water at the lowest point on Earth having another mind meltdown at being able to see Jericho over the other side and being withing 20k of Bethlehem and Jerusalem and having passed through Sodom and Gomorrah and been up Mount Nebo where Moses apparently saw the promised land and is buried. Random Bible places all over here. Still in need of some unbiased info getting to the bottom of what really went on round here that influenced our civilization so much. Google Research tends to bring up stuff along the lines of 'Shocked by the Bible! The most astonishing facts you've never been told'.

Tomorrow its a new country - we cross over into Syria and spend the night in Damascus

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Linc said...

that pic of you behind the statue is priceless


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