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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Travel Philosophy Number 7 - 2 Tears in a Bucket, Mother F*&K it!

This ones on a similar theme to an earlier one saying just do it, dont worry about the money, its the experience youll remember. But there are also so many other reasons why you might not get up and do the thing you always wanted to. Dont cry about it and say I always wished i'd been to such and such a place, dont say in a few years, or when x y or z has happened. If your looking at the photos on this blog and thinking you cant do it, think again..

Ok so maybe you have a family and kids and commitments, maybe you cant just take off for a few months, but make getting to that one place you always wanted to a goal, its not as hard as it seems, where there is a will theres a way - perhaps the place you wanted to visit is doable in a much shorter trip, maybe you can farm out the nippers on their own local holiday for a week or two while you escape, maybe they could come with you on that once in a lifetime journey and you will set them up for a world of exploration in later life. Maybe your kids have left home, nows your time to shine again!. At least encourage your kids to go out and see stuff when theyre old enough. I have my mother saying 'do it while your young' and her mother before that to thank.

No one to go with? - go anyway, either do bits and pieces on your own (you will have your most mind blowing moments in your own company), perhaps a short trip to start, or join a small group adventure tour. You dont have to be on a big nasty tourist coach to do something where the tough parts are taken out of your experience.

Partner isnt interested in going anywhere? - screw em, do it anyway - dont let anyone hold you back, plenty of couples I know have 'me-time' trips away from their partners and come back feeling refreshed.

Maybe your working hard and thinking youd never find the funds - youd be surprised what you can achieve if its a priority and if your smart taking off travelling never has to look bad on your CV. This is my 5th Round the World / extended travel trip, if you can find a way to do it at least once and distance yourself from your routine life for a decent period of time you wont regret being abe to put the world in perspective.

Even if you cant do this, make sure you are seeing something you have always wanted to at least once a year. Life is too short, dont look back and regret the things you always wanted to do but didnt get round to it.

Take a post it now - write down one thing in the world you always wanted to see, stick it on your mirror and work out how its going to happen.

Watching the sunset over Santorini was one of mine...

p.s Get me being all preachy and life-sorted! dont worry theres plenty of other life areas Ive struggled with where im sure many of you have been successful, but seeing the places I always wanted to is not one of the ones ive found hard! Everyone has their strong points. I certainly won't be looking back thinking I never went anywhere. The trouble is the more you see the more you want to see *sighs*

If you really genuinely are quite happy in your own town, in your own environment and have no desires to stray from it, thats fine also - you can just look at my pictures from the comfort of your own home!

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