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Thursday, September 9, 2010


Internet in Syria has been a little bit questionable and sporadic so hard to make any posts of late. After a fairly lengthy customs process to get out of Jordan and into Syria we arrived in Damnascus, the oldest continously inhabited city in the world. At first we were not sure what was going to occupy us for 2 and a half days but the Old city was quite absobrbing. As usual we found this much more rewarding once we got away fron the group. Just wandering and exploring. The highlight was probably one of the old Khans or Caravan resting places/store rooms - dating from the Otooman period and hidden away in the Souks. We also discovered a medressa and some beautiful old houses, now shops or hotels all incredibly ornate choccas with Islamic art. Did a bit of curio shopping and managed to fit in a Hammam too. From there we piled into taxis and then a public coach and went through the desert to Palmyra.

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