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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Our final Syrian destination - an odd country with some serious fashion issues and a disturbing dependance on nasty hair products, but with some fascinating historical sites. Aleppo competes with Damascus as being one of the oldest continously inhabited cites in the world and apparently its souk is the largest covered market in the world. Our hotel was quite atmoshperic and situated within the old city walls. Being the festival of Eid following Ramadan pretty much everything was closed which made the souk quite spookily quiet and deserted but also gave you the opportunity to appreciate the centuries old Islamic architecture. A pretty impressive Citadel too. We managed to cause a bit of a riot when Chris befriended a couple of the questionably dressed local lads and all of a sudden a whole gang of them were clamouring to get their photos taken. Quite Amusing. Once again a great local guide giving us the history, a real character.

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