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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Hey Mister... Where You from?
Mister? .. come look my shop! No Bloody Hassel Man,
just for looking OK?
Why no look my shop, is my turn?!
very beautiful OK? perhaps you like tea
Come look my mechanical camel - best quality! you like scarabeeeee?

OH..sorry where was I, for a moment I thought I was in an Egpytian bazzar, but no! I pinched myself and I can confirm that im still in fact in luxurious boutiquey Santoriniland, far from meddling pedlars, tricksters, shcheisters and disreputable merchants. Staying at length in somewhere a bit gorgeous, usualy makes me want to unpack and look at stuff, so I thought id share some of my wares with you

Lets see...what have we got?

Ah... The Egyptian Last Judgement on papyrus, this one came as a bit of a throw in with another papyrus purchase. We found quite a reputable and cheapish store in the Khan el Khaneli markets in Cairo after having a good idea of price and quality from the rest of our Egpytian travels. This piece is fairly ordinary in quality but as I say cost hardly anything. I like the Black and Golds. Sy bought a bigger and better quality version from the same shop, and Juile from our group bought the most amazing superb quality version early on in the trip. Thats where Anubis weighs your heart against a feather and if its heavy due to all your bad deeds then its to the underword you go.

This was the larger better quality one I bought at the same place as the one above. Its a copy of one of the astronomical tomb ceiling paintings. Only trouble is now im looking at it thinking, I allready have one almost the same back in London, albeit smaller and less detailed. Ive hardly seen it in ten years mind you but its there allright - perhaps I should sell this one, how much you give? Madam? you like? how much you want... come back!! (seriously I probably would actually sell this one)

And here are my Damascan Sandles! I dumped my plastic Kmarts in favour of these and have now managed to break both them and my non-sandley feet in, so quite happy wandering about in these.

Now on the left here we have my Anubis box. Cute isnt it. Its height of tourist tack and purchased for nothing in space of 5 mins but I like it.

These are my Palmryan Man-rings fit for an Emporor! (fetch me my bowl of rose-water to wash my pinkies in). I dont really wear rings, Im paranoid of ending up looking like Elton John or Liberace - but I'ts hard to resist when you have females around you trawling trough the jewelry shops and theres bargains about. Theyve been fun to bung on to go out to dinner of an evening, will see if they get worn back home. Which reminds me - I used to have a stash of Indian rings somewhere back in UK...must hunt down.

Below is my Marquetry Treasure Box - bought in the Damascus Souk, pretty cheap. Good for keeping man-rings in.

And these are my Happy Fish Vases! So dubbed because they are bright and cheery and fishy. They are from the Christian Quarter of the old city in Damascus - hence being Fishy. You know ...Jesus and Fish and all that. Actually two of them are gifts - I wonder who the lucky fishy receipients will be...

So What you think? you like you buy?


Come Back...

Tomorrow OK?

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