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Monday, September 13, 2010

In between the attractions

For those of you experiencing a pang of jealousy at my glamour architecture shots from far flung places, I do feel it my duty to draw your attention to the bits in between, the bits where you say to yourself - I paid for this?! - We have been having a running joke of late saying there should be some glass you can break with a lever behind saying "UPGRADE NOW!".
Not that weve been doing it nearly as tough as it could be done, afterall theres a reasonably useful guide who at least runs around pre-booking buses and pointing us in the right direction and telling us where we might next expect a toilet stop and all the hotels are booked so we dont have to trapse too far with packs.

There's long travel involved though and times you would like to throttle certain fellow travellers.
Since Aleppo of exotic souk and citadel fame we had a bus that decided it wanted to leave an hour early so nearly left without some group members. That one was not a bad bus save a miserably prissy bus 'hostess' who decided to get agitato with us when our passports took too long to get checked over at the Syrian border, then got us embroiled in a cigarette smuggling debacle with Turkish customs - that was a half day of travel, then a 9 am sharp bus this morning, again not too horendous comfort wise but 7 hours long taking us to the town we are now in, tomorrow an 8 am start for another full day travel to Goreme where we spend 2 nights - then a 4 hour bus and a 9 hour train to Istanbul. So plenty of trying moments, long journeys, heat, irritability and tiredness to contend with - but with the right frame of mind the experiences and new horizons are definately still worth it.

I do sometimes think maybe id like to do it in more style these days but then your chances of having to contend with prescious fellow travellers increase dramaticaly the higher up the comfort scale you go.

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