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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Basilica Cistern - Istanbul

Istanbul - Basilica CisternIstanbul - Basilica CisternIstanbul - Basilica Cistern

Spooky and Surreal - The Basilica Cistern is the almost perfectly preserved Roman underground reservoir, where the water coming in from the aqeducts would have been deposited. The water was teeming with Coy Carp and I created a bit of a feeding frenzy when i crumbled a biscuit or two into the water.

Istanbul - Basilica Cistern
Istanbul - Basilica Cistern

These Two Medusa heads, one inverted and one on its side, with the weight of a column on top of them, would have been below water, I wonder how many people knew they were there.

Istanbul - Basilica CisternIstanbul - Basilica Cistern

1 comment:

Nat said...

Aww... your photos are gorgeous! Really missing you and our nightly slideshows. Hope that Santorini is as gorgeous as it promised...enjoy as it's rubbish being back in the real world!
Properly catch up soon as soon as I get the chance to catch my breath!


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