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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ubud, Bali April 10.

Travel Philosophies Number one: Me-Time is the Right Time

Have you ever noticed those absulute blissed out 'moments' where youre suddenly overwhelmed by where you are and what your doing, usually happen when your on your own? Think about it.. even if your travelling with someone, its often when you step away and have a quiet moment to your self that things sink in.

So..this April this was brought home again to me, when i took the time to have a compeltely self-indulgent me-time holiday alone treating myself to the most amazing private pool villa up in the hills surrounding Ubud, the cultural captial of Bali. I cant even begin to describe how wonderful it was to be so selfish that even having a travel partner posing questions such as 'what shall we do for dinner' 'where shall we go tomorrow' was banned. Pretty anti-social of me you could say, but it was really what I needed. I answered to absolutely no one, got up when i felt like it, ate where and when I chose, read, snoozed, soaked up the atmoshpere, skinny-dipped chilled and spoilt myself absolutley rotten. You just have to do it sometime - for YOU, dont worry about being bored or what people will think or 'what if' anything, take time out for yourself sometime.. the 5 star villa may have helped but was not essential!


Im having a bit of a warm glow now, thinking back to wandering around that place giggling stupidly to myself like a crazy person at the shere indulgence of it all.

These were the mossy steps up to my Villa. If your tempted to go, I'ts the Pita Maha, Ubud. If slightly too much of a splurge, they also own the Tjampuhan Resort and Spa closer into town. If you're headed to Bali try to take a few days at least away from the Kuta/Legian/Seminyak scene to feel the Balinese spirit in Ubud.

Travel Philosophy Number 2 : Indulge your senses, Dont Worry about the season - Tropical Rainstorms make you feel alive and in touch with nature!

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