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Monday, June 14, 2010

Defining Moments in Music - Part 3 'The Nineties'

The Nineties marked sowing a lot of wild seeds, falling in and out of love a few times, having my heart broken, having some VERY big nights out, traveling on a few round the world trips, and eventually dipping a toe in the waters of Sydney life with a year long working holiday.

I was often to be found of an early nineties weekend, quite happily dancing on my own to this one at Heaven nightclub near Embankment tube station. The start of a few nights of adventure.

This takes me straight to sharing Hagen Dasz in bed in Brighton where I was escaping to for the weekend for a short period of time.

My First big solo Round the World trip, had me capitolising on my 21 year old twinkiness and British accent in the USA, where i realised all i had to do was say 'excuse me am i going uptown or downtown' or 'please may I have a coca-cola' and the world was my oyster (note - same trick does'nt work 15-20years on!). This song reminds me of a trip through the redwoods staying in motels and the first time I had ever experienced being able to listen to a CD in a car. In fact id probably only bought my first CD as opposed to vinyl in the couple of years prior to that.

Speaking of the first CDs i owned - this would have been one of them, I still love this song, this is smooch music central.

Then Another Pivotal relationship and regular nights out at Ciao Baby in Brixton, sometimes followed by Trade in the east end. Often getting home at midday the next day. How did we have the energy? No comment but lets just say we had ALOT of fun and Tuesdays were not pleasant. These take me straight back there.. good times (grins insanely at the memories). Although one could feel a little bit inadequate mixing with those beautiful shiny people all the time (even if one of them was your partner!).

This was speeding home through early morning rainy streets in the BMW afterwards

All good things come to an end though.. this one marks the devastating end of that relationship, still going out, but single again and totaly blown apart by it. Wallowing in self pity with stuff like this on the car stereo - driving through tears. Ah well, What doesnt kill us makes us stronger ..or at least assists in building up a few layers of baggage that take some years getting rid of in the aftermath!

Those pivotal moments can send us in a new direction though - without that blow, I would never have set off for Australia, initially on a working holiday.

This track totally defines, working in a cafe on Taylor Square around Mardi Gras time, with the beautiful people dancing behind the bar while serving cappucinos. Have you ever had that feeling, the huge adrenalin rush of being in a vibrant new city where its all happening? This was it. If you ever have one - cherish it, it doesnt happen often and it doesnt last long - the reality of daily life soon sets in. Enjoy those bliss junkie moments when you can! They may not have had a club or music scene to match London but what those Aussies didnt know about putting on a huge Mother of a dance party wasnt worth knowing. Still probably isnt although as time goes by its often said they are not they way they used to be. Maybe thats just us oldies being bitter about handing the party baton to a new crowd. In my case that baton got passed on quite some time ago!.

Then a new relationship, someone still close to me, actually as they all are (Im weird like that) - and a dance party in matching sailor outfits. The Aussie Dance party matching dress up couple, it has to be done at least once!

We ended up going back to UK together for most of the rest of that decade eventualy splitting up but paving the way for me to move out to Sydney as a resident and eventually citizen on a De Facto status. Hey it doesnt ask you anywhere in any of those quesitons if you sleep together! I always felt I answered those questions in completete honesty when they talked about providing each other emotional and financial support blah blah.

Is anyone bored of reading someone elses life story yet? oh well.. suck it up and work out your own defining tunes - im enjoying this!

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