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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Defining Moments in Music - Part 2 'What I was listening to in the late 80's'

Ok, that first music post was fun. Im notoriously sentimental and nostalgic when it comes to cherished moments from the past, what ever may have happened since - you cant take those moments away, they are what defines us. And most of those moments are defined by music. So I think that period 1986 to 1989, the University years in good old Pompey, UK deserves a re-visit. A journey of discovery with a soul-mate who was instrumental in catalysing my transformation from schoolboy geek to fledgling adult with life experiences. You know who you are and I'm forever grateful.

Most of this music was not current to the time, it was a period of discovering artists and devouring their back catalogues, sadly a couple of these dont seem to have a decent you tube vid but you can sit back and listen while you browse posts.

Who remembers their first real kiss with someone they cared about?, shared a chemistry and electricity with, transport yourself back for a moment, mine was to this. I was so happy. I'd been building up to it for a while.

Uni was also marked by periods of introspection and questions of where i fit in, Joni Mitchell has stayed with me ever since, I never travel anywhere without access to some of her music. She a genius of the highest order, her lyrics are profound and really speak to me. This song conjures up images of sitting in my red mini parked at night on he seafront, rainy night, windscreen wipers going. Alone, feeling gloomy but probably enjoying the drama. Theres no video, close your eyes and dive into the mood if you have the time.

Lets just say this one defined a moment of a narcotic nature and leave it there...

We took several trips to the Glastonbury festival in Somerset of a summertime, back when it was more hippy than rock. Camping in muddy fields and loving it. Proably a highlight was seeing the cure and them playing 'A forest' Those guitar rifts. I actually had a minor Robert Smith look in those days. Grandad shirt and tousled up hair with hairspray blow dried into it.

Lets face it who didnt have a Bob Marley period at Uni, its sort of traditional Is'nt it?. This was my favourite, I just love the I-Trees at 2.37. This also takes me back to late night visits to a totally non-student, and there for rebel feeling Reggae club located somewhere in the bowels of a multi-storey car park in the rough part of Portsmouth. I don't think ive listened to Bob Marley at all since the 80's. It was definately something for then and there.

Ok, lets not pretend I was too cool for school the whole time in those days. Sad but true - I used to go nuts dacning my little booty of at student discos to this one, 'Fith Avenue' on the seafront somewhere i seem to remember was the club. And the dance floor and outfits on it were probably not too dissimilar to the one in this video towards the end. Perhaps even the dance moves!.

Finaly back in the vein of female, deep and introspective singer-songwriters another artist that defined that period for me. Joan Armatrading. Again the music wasnt current but the backcatalogue was certainly rifled through around that time and struck a chord,

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