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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dennis Severs House and a Perfect Georgian Street

Today I went to Dennis Severs house, a wonderful little place just off Spitalfields market. They have it all set out as it would have been in 18th Century London, as if the occupants have momentarily left the room. Candles burning, fires crackling, and unmade bed, a half drunk cup of tea. If you sit for a while in one of the rooms you here the clip clop of hooves outside and church bells. What a great idea.

Dennis Severs House

Afterwards I took some shots in a perfectly preserved Georgian street close by. What a wonderful address, so close to everything yet tucked away in its own little world..


Allison said...

I LOVE the colors of the house shot! Wow, gorgeous.

Jon-Bear said...

Thanks Al.. sadly i cant claim that one as my own. No photos inside

Josh H said...

The photo captures the ambience very well, I got the feeling like I would be there for real just by staring at photo.

Josh H said...

lol just realised from comments above it's not your photo

Jon-Bear said...

Lol, yeah thanks Josh, pick one of the only shots on this site that isnt mine :). I did try to take some sneaky ones inside but ufortunately not possible. Great place to visit though


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