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Friday, February 18, 2011

Brick Lane

Brick LaneBrick Lane by Monica Ali

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reading the majority of reviews of this it does seem that the popular opinion is not great despite the critics praise. I think it had a particular resonance for me as I've recently moved into the area. I know these streets now and being predominantly Bangladeshi I found it an interesting fictional insight into these communities. Im generally not a fan of harsh grim gritty miserable novels. Although theres certainly no glamour in this, theres a lot of warmth of character and moments of humour in the dialogue. I loved the characters. In the movie the husband was not a sympathetic character at all really. In the book though my affection for him increased as Nanzeens did. His predictable lectures and commentary became quite endearing. Others have mentioned an unsatisactory ending. I have to say it did somehow fall a bit flat. There was so much build up of tension towards what would eventually happend that in the end it seemed like a little bit of an anticlimax tacked onto the end. I will always have a fondness for this book now as much for the novel itself as for the memories of this chapter of my London life it will stir up when i notice it on my shelves in the future.

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BeeJay24 said...

Hey there Jon Boy,

I am so glad that you enjoyed this book so much - I thought it was fantastic, and it really gave me an insight into the Bangladeshi community not too far removed from where you are living.

A word of warning, though: don't bothere with her "what if" book about Diana; it's really not worth it.

Lovely to see you, and I hope that once I get my blog up and running - and can actually work out "how to do a blog", you will follow me. I intend to post some travel photos from our trips to France, etc, etc.

The Cat

Jon-Bear said...

i certainly will follow you and thanks for the comment.. still think of this book as I live in the area... everytime I look up at nasty council flats with Bangladeshi families in them


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