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Friday, September 21, 2012

South Luangwa Bush camping

Ok its  high time for another post,

I have been super busy, loading images to two stock photo image banks, in an attempt to have a constructive outlet for some of my stuff. Its been interesting, you definitely have to have a thick skin and I think ill be lucky if the earnings mount up to much more than a meal out after a couple of months, but im a published artist at least!

Going back now to June and my trip to Zambia and Malawi. South Luangwa National park is the home of the walking safari in Africa. What an experience. We went bush camping for 1 night, most people would do 2 or 3. Our guide has been out in the bush for 17 years and one of Africas top guides. She'd kill me if she saw her mug published to the web, but my following is so small I think I can get away with it. This was a really beautiful experience and a new way to see wildlife. Peering at elephants through the long grass, being observed by curious giraffe, and best of all listening to stories of the wild around a camp fire. I dont think I have ever been as alert as when i was laying on my swag in my tent at night listening to the night sounds. I wasnt afraid, I think I almost wanted something exciting to happen, but I might have turned to mush if it really did.

We heard a beautiful story of one night when a monther and baby elephant came through camp and while mother was browsing, baby found a warm spot next to a small girl asleep in her tent, and the baby snuggled up on the other side of the canvas to wait for its mum. Cute!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos, Jon! Wish I was tagging along.

Jon-Bear said...

thankyou... your blog looks great too, just subscribed

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