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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Queens Diamond Jubilee River Pageant

What a great atmosphere there was in London that weekend. It did get a bit wet on the Sunday as HM took to the river and the poor duke came down with a dicky bladder but quite a show. We are rather good at a bit of pomp in this country. It really shouldnt make sense but I think at least in the current incarnation of the monarchy its worked quite well for us, and even rebuplicans have a respect for the Queen.

The inspiration for the pageant was Canaletto's painting of a Georgian event almost 300 years ago. You can see that the vessel Gloriana in this years event is a wonderful replica of some of the ones here. Gloriana of course a reference to the first Elizabeth.

Our offices overlook the river at Millbank, so we went in for wonderful view, crowd free and a party atmoshpere.

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