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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Art Treasures of the Louvre

What a treasure trove, bewilderingly huge, I took a tour of the highlights then wandered off to the little visited apartments of Napoleon. I love this picture of the rabble trying to get a snap of the Mona Lisa, you want to cover her up and give her a bit of a respite. What intrigues me is im sure none of these people could tell you why its famous, it just is - its as famous as can be in the art world and therefore we are drawn to it, we have to see it, to be near it, to say we have seen it, and to show other people we have seen it, but it no longer has anything to do with the painting itself as an artistic endevour


Allison said...

I thought the tons of people trying to get at the Mona Lisa was hilarious when I went too. I mean, if it wasn't THE MONA LISA, who would care about a portrait of a mostly unattractive person?

The best places were the quiet places that everyone wasn't busting kneecaps to get to...so you could enjoy art for art's sake.

Fiona said...

You know, I don't think I have ever actually seen the Rossetta stone in the British museum because of all the blinkin' tourists. (Mostly Japanese with their crazy gadgets). Although the Rosetta stone is by far more interesting the the Moaning bloody Lisa.

I agree with Alison that it is much nicer to go to somewhere small and quiet. Last time I went to France, many years ago... we went to Versailles. Spent the entire day in a mile long queue and then herded around these rooms never really seeing anything as you couldn't even stop and look at a thing because if you did you'd probably cause a massive pile up behind you.

But then again, never really cared for art myself other then as something to liven up your walls at home. I'd like to go to the Tate Modern one day so I can laugh at all the so-called art.

Jon-Bear said...

yes the Rosetta is indeed much more interesting, and your right the BM gets crowds too, although not like the Louvre. Although you probably cant get to the actual information to read on the Rosetta for the people. I think the guided things or audio guides are good because you dont have to try and read everything over peoples shoulders.

Im going to the Tate Modern this weekend actually - i dont really like the art there much I have to say. Its quite a nice space though and the river walk and the bridge outside are nice


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