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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Grand Designs - Modern

To complement my previous post, here is a small selection of London's modern architecture - principally Lloyds, designed by the chap that did the Pompidou centre - hence the inside out look, and the Gherkin, which I cant quite make my mind up on. Its an odd shaped beastie but at the same time I do think all those curved windows are quite a feat. The great court at the British museum is always stunning. I think we can rival the louvre's pyramid with that. And the millenium bridge, i'm a fan of too, esp being pedestrian only.


Jonathan Rhoades said...

I am quite a fan of the Gherkin, I prefer it to the Lloyds building. It is neat, cleverly-designed and a bit different without being too outlandish. It is the sort of design you would only really want one of in any given cityscape though. Incidentally, the individual windows are flat, not curved.
Thanks for the new set of interesting pics Jon.

Jon-Bear said...

No you wouldnt want too many gherkins - imagine how freakish that would be - A block of them. Good info on the window situation, im still impressed at how theyve done it though.

Re Lloyds, I like it, but interestingly was walking past the Pompidou this morning (as one does!) with a friend who did'nt know Paris and she wondered what that monstrosity was and when were they going to finish it thinking it was a random building site in the middle of the city. I pointed out it was an icon of Paris and been there for at least 30 years and to keep her voice down lol.


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