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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Stately Omes and heritage

At the start of October I came back to the UK and went of for another lovely B&B break with Mum and Dad for more English Heritage and pub dinners. Lovley jubbly. We went to Sherborne Abbey with its incredible gothic arches and fan vaulting. I loved the light streaming in. This photo was inspured by that famous portrait of the Queen at her coronation in Westminster Abbey with that dramatic depth of field and arch behind her..

We went for a forest walk near Golden Cap on the coast, Forde Abbey and Athlehampton Manor.


Metal Dog Presents... said...

Love the incredible gothic arches and especially the fan vaulting in the slide show! Gravitated towards the pix straight after the one above in the featured photo in the slide show. The thin statuesque trees in their natural colour & B&W. Then the one of the leaves along the ground. Later the landscaped water feature / garden pix near the manor (?) and WOW what a lovely pic to finish off with! A row of cottages in a circular span! Keep doin what ya doin! : )

Jon-Bear said...

Thanks metal doggies!


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