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Friday, July 30, 2010

Mi Casa

So heres a couple of Shots of my little pad in Buenos Aires. As you can see its quite chic and stylish. The only problem is I feel a little bit entombed - it, has no windows, and very echoey - I know its raining outside because i can hear it all around me but I can see anything and 2 in the afternoon looks just the same as 2 in the morning!. Still not a bad little place, good location and fun having a home from home with internet too.


Jackie said...

Gorgeous apartment, but the no windows thing would drive me nuts!

Nat said...

Quite a massive change from your gorgeous light filled, sea view apartment. So the Cher-ness is represented by a leopard print rug? Loving the multi-levelled areas though. Looks like a good place for a 3am party.

Jon-Bear said...

lol, yes the leopardskin would probably rank as the most Cher item

Fiona said...

Oh that place looks absolutely perfect. The tomb-ness wouldn't bother me as I'm not a window person. Dark holes suit me well.

Lovely place!


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